TG CEO was named director to the 8th Board of Straits Exchange Foundation. Lin expressed that it was the highest honor and ...2012-01-30  
TG TECO Vacuum Insulated Glass Corp establishment. TG Group and TECO Group have announced to form a 65/35 joint venture...2012-02-02  
45 Years of Dedicated Business Operations Achieves Global Recognition for Taiwan Glass Group... 2009-10-01  
Super Clear Glass is made up of clear float glass by reducing its green tint and iron content to achieve optimum clarity and vision.  
The product ‘Glass Fabric’ wove from Taiwan glass' home-made yarn, is mainly applied for Copper Clad Laminate ...  
Corporate Social Responsibility
TaiwanGlass Group
Taiwan Glass Group has been established for 50 years with dedication to its management philosophy, persistence of advanced technology and total quality control in order to provide high-quality products to customers.
Flat Glass
Automotive Glass
Vacuum Glass
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